Fresh Morel Mushrooms April 24 2015, 0 Comments

Hello West Coast Wild Foods Fans,

Exciting news! The morel mushroom season is here and and we have started picking them in wild forests in BC.  Morels are used in many cuisines, and their unique flavour, slightly meaty or nut-like, is incredible and irresistible.  Morels go well in many dishes including steak, pasta, soup, and more.  Even simply sauteeing them in butter with some salt and pepper is the best and easiest way to enjoy the delicious taste of morels.

Fresh wild morel mushrooms are available for purchase at The West Coast Wild Foods Store at Londsdale Quay Market starting today!


Last week’s winner of the draw is…….. Joanne Fernando!! Congratulations!  More draws will be taking place at our store in Londsdale Quay Market so make sure you come visit!