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Seasonal Snapshot: Morel Mushroom Season

May through August is Morel Mushroom season here in the Pacific Northwest – one of the most exciting and enjoyable times of the year! Whether you are a seasoned veteran of morel mushroom picking, a culinary enthusiast, or just curious as to what all the ‘buzz’ is about regarding these fascinating mushrooms, this article will…

Searching for B.C. fiddleheads
A Day in the Life: Searching for B.C. fiddleheads

Welcome to the first of our “A Day in the Life” snapshots! Over the last 10 years, we have been experiencing the magic and adventure of foraging for wild foods across the Pacific Northwest region, from the Yukon all the way down to northern California. This unique and fascinating job that we have been so…

Stinging Nettle
Spring has sprung in the Pacific Northwest

With winter quickly becoming a distant memory, our favourite time of the year is here! Spending time in the forests of the Pacific Northwest during early spring is so therapeutic. The ground is warming up and with it, the trees are beginning to bud and the plants beginning to shoot. The countdown to Spring Greens…

B.C. Big Leaf maple syrup is here!

We’re happy to announce that our latest batch of B.C. Big Leaf Maple Syrup is ready to taste! We’ve been tapping the local Big Leaf Maple trees here in B.C. for many years, each winter bringing its own adventures and learning experiences. The syrup produced by the Big Leaf Maple is something truly incredible. The…