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West Coast Wild Foods

our story

After spending our lives exploring and learning about the mushrooms and wild foods in the mountains and forests of the Pacific Northwest we decided to make something out of it. West Coast Wild Foods is the culmination of our love for nature and the delicious ingredients that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.






New Products

– Feature Products –

Dried Wild Mushroom Mix


Combining 7 varieties of wild mushrooms from across the Pacific Northwest, our Dried Wild Mushroom Mix is perfect to add a delicious mushroom flavour to meat, risotto, pasta or soup.

Fresh Morel


Morel is loved around the world and this fresh mushroom will not disappoint. It has a meaty, nutty flavour that goes well with steak, pasta and soup.

Season: May – August

Fresh Fiddleheads


Fiddleheads can be used like any green vegetable. They are similar in flavour to spinach or asparagus, but with a nutty undertone. Our fiddleheads are from the ostrich fern.

Why Choose Us

The wildest ingredients just for you!

Sourcing the best of the Pacific Northwest
The Pacific Northwest is rich in biodiversity and the forests provide some truly delicious ingredients that are ready to take your next meal to the next level. From mushrooms to berries, and everything in between we explore the forests to bring you the tastiest of new ingredients to try!
Natural ingredients to our core
With more and more people looking to organic foods to reduce their harmful consumption of chemicals from fertilizers and the likes, we have taken it a step further. Wild harvested foods are naturally organic because they grow the way nature intended. No human intervention until the moment we pick them!
Commitment to sustainability
Unlike conventional agriculture we aren’t planting our crops, which means sustainability is key. We harvest only sustainable amounts from any one location to ensure that each plant can continue to thrive and support the natural ecosystem around it. It also ensures there is something left for you the next season!