Artisan Made/ Handcrafted/ Wild Harvested/ Premium BC Maple Syrup! February 06 2015, 0 Comments

We are in our third year of making and producing our own Maple Syrup from the local Broad Leaf Maple tree here in BC. The syrup produced by the Broad Leaf Maple is something truly incredible. The flavour profile has been described as having hints of Vanilla, Caramel, and a light smokiness that is barely perceptible. To us it is clearly the very best Maple Syrup that any of us have ever tried.

We have now tapped these trees in many different locations in and around  Southern BC. What we have found is that each tree and each region produces its own signature flavour of  Maple Syrup.  Also, the time of the year of the tapping season will contribute to and effect the flavour, colour and consistency of the syrup. In the food and wine industry, this phenomonen is called  “Terroir”. What this means is that each bottle of Maple Syrup we produce is truly unique,special and one of a kind because the soil conditions, temperature, rain fall is always unique to each region of BC. The rarity of BC Maple Syrup overall makes this syrup a very special treat to try or gift to give.